Editor – Entry Level

Position Summary:

We have exciting growth opportunities for entry level editorial candidates possessing a minimum of one or two years of writing experience, which may have been gained in college. Many of our editors came to PBP from daily newspapers, community weeklies and both trade and consumer magazines.

For this Assistant Editor role, we hire the best and brightest recent college graduates in liberal arts or who have a year or two of experience as reporters and writers. They are only hired if we believe they have the potential to become an Editor in Chief. They typically begin writing for two publications. Our goal is to give them exposure to different fields and see what they like and what they’re good at. Eventually, they’ll specialize in one field. As a rule, it takes at least a year to learn our business. A successful Assistant
Editor could become an Editor in Chief in two to three years.

What does it take to succeed?

  1. Superior reporting and writing skills. Many of our best editors have come from community newspapers. Others have done trade reporting. Our senior editors have come from top newspaper, wire service, magazine and broadcast companies. These include UPI, USA Today, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Legal Intelligencer, sports magazines, all-news radio stations and others.
  2. Willingness to gain deep knowledge of a specific field. Almost all of our writers did not have such knowledge when they came to PBP. They did, however, come with a strong desire to learn.
  3. Willingness to take on the unique challenges of the newsletter industry. Again, most of our people didn’t know the newsletter business when they arrived. We stress to candidates repeatedly during the interview process that newsletters are unlike anything they’ve done before, that specialized publishing requires a new way of thinking, and that it’s very challenging.

What kind of people fit in at PBP?

  1. They’re bright.
  2. They have strong values.
  3. They’re eager to try something new and different.
  4. They’re eager to work in a high-performance, non-political environment.
  5. They’re committed to continuous learning.
  6. They’re team players who thrive in a collegial environment.
  7. They like accountability.

To apply please email resume to: kmurray@pbp.com