Progressive Business Publications has quietly grown to be a leader in the specialized information, training and education services fields for more than 20 years. Our track record of successful launches and expansion of 11 new products or services in the past eight years alone is unmatched in the industry.

Our success would not have been possible without our extraordinary staff of talented professionals. Their commitment to building our future combined with our unique culture that focuses on the long-term versus the short-term have led to our success.

PBP’s small business environment helps employees to turn more ideas into action.  Every employees is given the opportunity to make a real impact.

We only provide products that are of the highest quality and will continuously grow to meet the needs of our diverse marketplace. From day one our employees learn and live our philosophy that all knowledge and wisdom comes from our customers. Every employee is responsible for pro-actively reaching out to our customers to learn of their experiences, thoughts, ideas, and feedback.

Just as we focus on the long-term in our decisions, we are also long-term investors in our employees. We firmly believe there is no such thing as good companies, only good people. If you change the people, you change the company. We work to provide not only an exciting, but a stable work environment where everyone is empowered to reach for and work towards their long-term goals. Our commitment to our employees has resulted in a high level of employee engagement and longevity, two essential ingredients of success.

Financial goals:
PBP is a well-capitalized, privately-held company – a fact that allows us to focus on the long-term versus short-term goals or other external influences. Along with financial freedom comes the opportunity to reinvest in our businesses and our employees for the long-term and achieve our primary goal to reach market leadership in our many industries by serving customer and employee needs better than our competition.

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