Company Philosophy

We have two key operating philosophies:

1. Specialization spells success

No company can be all things to all people at all times. Nor can they be good at everything. Great companies are ones that are leaders in one area of focus, then go on to build on that specialized expertise.

Our position as a leader was built on a focus and specialization in products and services targeted to specific functions and areas within companies. This disciplined focus has been the key to our extraordinary success.

2. There are no such things as good companies, only good people. Change the people, and you change the company.

We recognize that not only attracting, but keeping good people is the only way to guarantee success. This recognition drives our commitment to employee development and growth at all levels.

The concept of “continuous learning” is central to PBP’s approach to employee development. A life-long commitment to continuous self-improvement is required to maintain quality on levels and keeps our employees positioned as the best in their field.

Every employee participates in ongoing learning programs. Some programs are developed and led by outside experts from top learning institutions such as the University of Pennsylvania, Harvard University, Stanford University and Northwestern University. Others are developed and led by employees themselves. Managers regularly attend off-site seminars to learn the latest trends and best practices in the industries they cover and to hone their management skills.

As PBP employees, we believe continuous learning does not stop outside our offices or at the end of the workday. Our employees are extensively involved with area schools and organizations, helping to bring their experiences and knowledge to others who want to learn. Several employees teach classes for Junior Achievement, others teach at nearby schools and universities. Over 40 of our employees also serve as mentors in our company-adopted elementary school. On top of all of this, many are involved in a variety of volunteer efforts to improve their communities.

Our employees are dedicated, loyal, strong contributors to our communities, work together, respect each other, and give their all to help make one another successful.

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