There are no such things as good companies, only good people.

PBP has a diverse group of highly educated people who have a passion for serving our 150,000 business customers with relevant information and service to help them do their jobs better.

More than half the employees at our corporate headquarters in Malvern, PA have been with us for more than 5 years. We attract the best, hire the best and give them an exciting, secure working environment where they can be empowered to achieve their long-term career goals. Our guiding principal: “There are no such things as good companies, only good people. Change the people, and you change the company.” Take a look at what our employees have to say about their experiences here at PBP:


John Walston, Group Publisher
John worked as the Deputy Managing Editor of USA Today and executive editor of The Wilmington News Journal. He joined PBP in 1999.


“For the first time in my life, I know for certain that what I’m writing actually makes a difference. The quality of what I do is directly reflected in the numbers of the business results. But, more importantly, my readers tell me so every day.”

Tom Schubert, COO & CFO
Tom was the founding SVP/CFO for Novacare Employee Services. He joined PBP in 1999.


“We have a terrific team and are really proud of our 18 straight years of business growth. It’s exciting to have launched 6 new divisions over the past five years. And it fits with our strategy of providing great opportunities to our people.”

Ken Dooley, Senior Editor
Ken was Editor-in-Chief at the Bureau of Business Practice and President of Madison Productions. He joined PBP in 1998.


“The focus of PBP publications is always on the customer. The test of every piece of copy is, ‘what does it do for the reader?’ While standards are high, the editorial team has the experience and talent to meet them in a creative and supportive environment.”

Liz Webb, Director of Human Resources
Liz joined PBP in 2010.


“Two of the most important qualities we seek in our hires are passion for meeting customer needs and resilience. These qualities in our employees have served PBP well during our many decades of success.”

Dannie Evans, Divisional Marketing Director
Dannie joined PBP in 2006.


“PBP is small enough that my individual contributions have direct impact on the business and are appreciated, and we’re big enough that we have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects and experience continuous growth.”

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