Caring for our employees and their families is one of our core company beliefs. To this end we offer a host of benefits:

  • Extraordinary wealth accumulation program consisting of:
    • A 401(k) plan with a rich 50% company match
    • A profit sharing plan that has paid out every year since it’s 1994 inception
    • 5 year college scholarships for every child of all full-time employees
  • Generous health benefits
    • Excellent medical,dental, and life coverage
    • Comprehensive, on-site health screenings, as part of our Wellness Program
    • Participation in a company-sponsored smoking cessation program
    • Access to yearly, on-site flu shots
  • Flexible spending plans that provide substantial savings on healthcare, childcare and insurance costs
  • Vacation time, sick days and bereavement allowances
  • Participation in numerous company-sponsored events