PBP Softball Team

Dave DalyOutstanding current record, 10-2! Each year PBP proudly fields a corporate softball team in the Great Valley Corporate Center Softball League. Managed by top sportwoman Katy Murray, PBP’s Director of Fulfillment, our team is currently the top team in the middle division, and absolutely destined for the upcoming playoffs.

PBP’s team consists of colleagues from numerous divisions, including Amy Jacoby Troutman from PGI, Mike Elisio from Marketing, Tom Schubert, COO & CFO, Steve Gekas from Compliance warehouse, Dan Reed from Gifts and Incentives, Nehal Mascarenhas from IT, Mark Shatz, PGI warehouse Manager, and anchorman Dave Daly, fulfillment warehouse manager. When asked about his role on the team, “Big Dave” smiled and remarked: “it’s extra fun when you’re winning”.

Colleagues, family and friends enjoy a warm summer evening watching PBP’s terrific 2017 season Softball Team take on all comers in the Great Valley League.