Seven interns wrap up their summer experience at PBP

The summer intern program drew to a close this month, with the seven interns celebrating with an official PBP lunch, and then with a more impromptu BBQ the following day.


Intern Traditions showcases the ins-and-outs of company culture while providing support and advice for PBP’s new young employees.

PBP’s interns are given the extensive duties of entry-level positions, and exposed to everything a typical employee would experience within PBP’s various divisions.

Entry-level expectations

A key part of Traditions is discovering top personal strengths through Strengths Finder. After taking a highly detailed online survey, interns named, claimed, and aimed their strengths over the course of the summer, applying themselves for top performance.

The internship program included Q&A meetings with CEO & Founder Ed Satell,  and panels of managers, as well as a museum field trip, and team building activities.

Interns were also given free reign over a Twitter account and a blog. Past summer interns dabbled with the option of using social media, but this summer’s interns made a goal to reach fifty Twitter followers, starting with just four.

Blog meetings throughout their stay at PBP ensued, and they were able to gain recognition by offering prizes to followers inside the company. They established themes for each day of the week, and provided original blog content targeting full-time employees, future PBP interns, and other millennial workers.

By establishing an audience of other interns, and reaching out to employees’ interests, the interns met their goals. As a result, interns reached:

  • 22% traffic increase to PBP’s intern site, and
  • 74 followers (still rising).

Identifying each other’s strengths helped establish a professional team with a vision.

Thanks to PBP’s Intern Traditions program, and a strong sense of initiative, this summer’s interns were able to go above and beyond expectations.