Many employees appreciate, and believe in, our core value of giving back. This allows us to attract good people, who appreciate hard work, and are just good to work with. Our combined success lets us help others, and to feel good about the impact of the work we do.

Colin Powell visits PBP’s mentees at Cook Wissahickon Elementary School.

If you’re considering a position at PBP, you’ll also want to learn more about our work outside of the office. Find our more about the motive, commitment, and impact of our philanthropic efforts on our Philanthropy site.

Progressive Business Publications recognizes the responsibility and the privilege of giving back to ensure the greater good. We are proud to provide support, through the Progressive Business Publications Charitable Trust & Satell Family Foundation.

  • We are an advocate of community programs.
  • We are an ally of disadvantaged children.
  • We are a thinking partner of academic institutions.
  • We are a champion of scientific research.
  • We don’t just write checks.

We form long-term partnerships that are founded on trust, collaboration and a shared vision.

Our philanthropic efforts focus in five core areas:

  1. Children —The developmental needs of disadvantaged children to help them be motivated to become constructive citizens
  2. Education —Unique educational and leadership opportunities for promising young adults so they can better serve the greater good
  3. Community & Civic —Support for institutions that make our community a more vibrant and engaging place to live
  4. Research — Focused research, in considerable areas, such as curing cancer and fostering energy independence
  5. Heritage — Support for the founder’s heritage, supporting our belief that everyone should be proud of his or her heritage

We are proud of our employees, many of whom choose to participate in several of our philanthropic programs. Many have spent both their work and personal time mentoring fourth through sixth graders at a Philadelphia elementary school, over the past 16 years. Whether they are helping with a homework assignment, playing a game of catch, crafting, or joining in on an annual field trip, our employees are providing guidance and friendship to many children that are missing this important element in their lives.

These are just some of the many philanthropic efforts that PBP supports. These programs are all overseen by our full-time Director of Philanthropy, Regina Black Lennox, who ensures that programs deliver on their goals.

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