Pro games are a real treat for employees & families

PBP blogMany PBPers are avid fans of Philadelphia’s professional sports teams – Eagles football, Flyers hockey and 76ers basketball.

PBP has long supported this interest by offering employees opportunities to enjoy a game live at the South Philly stadiums!

The company has a corporate box at the Lincoln Financial Field. And mny employees have been thrilled to share two club-box seats at Wells Fargo Center for a Flyers or 76ers game.

Once a year employees are asked which games or teams they’d prefer to see in the coming year, and PBP does it’s best to provide tickets to as many people as possible, based on their preferences.

PBP blog 2On  Jan. 13, Vince Better, the  Business Development Manager for PBP Media, took his nine-year-old daughter, Gabrielle, to the 76ers game against the Atlanta Hawks,  where he enjoyed the view from his club-box seats.

Father and daughter posed at center court on the 76ers logo before the game.  You can tell from Gabrielle’s beaming face that she loved her experience.

Both cheered loudly for Philadelphia’s team. Vince said it was a terrific evening—he just wished the Sixers had won.

Next time, Vince!